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About Dr. Weiss

Dr. Weiss went from the South Side  of Chicago to the finest cardiovascular organization (at the time) in the world, the Arizona Heart Institute and eventually on Harvard University. He has lectured all over the world including the Texas Heart, Cleveland Clinic, and the University of Oxford. Below is his educational resume, and a list of his awards accomplishments.



Western Illinois University
Bachelors Applied Sciences

While dividing his time between the sciences and pre-law, the future Dr. Weiss had a little fun playing lacrosse for the champion Leatherneck lacrosse team. 



Grand Canyon University 

After taking a few years off to bartend and find himself, the future Dr. Weiss moved to Arizona and reclaimed academic success in chemistry while gaining entrance to medical school. 



Sonoran University of Health Sciences 


While interviewing at osteopathic and conventional medical schools a friend suggested he look at a Naturopathic Medical school. Dr. Weiss found a home. 



Harvard University 

Dr. Weiss did his "mini masters" or PLC 
(Public Leadership Credential) from 
Harvard University's Kennedy School
of Government 


Awards and Accolades 

Scottsdale Cardiologist of the Year 2022 

Carefree Arizona Physician of the Year 2023 

Awarded the "A Leading Physician in the World"  by the International Association of Cardiologists in 2012. 

The first Naturopathic physician to complete a hospital internship and residency 

The first Naturopathic physician to complete a conventional cardiology fellowship 

The first Naturopathic physician to be on staff of a conventional hospital, the Arizona Heart Hospital

First Naturopathic physician to be named a cardiology Fellow  by a conventional organization, the American Society of Angiology. 

Published over a hundred articles and research papers.

Named Senior Fellow for Artis International a think tank dedicated to ending intractable violence worldwide/

*Founded Global Medical in 2018, a nonprofit dedicated to researching intractable cycles of violence, sex slave/sex trafficked recovery, and cycles of poverty work-wide while providing free health-care in some of the worlds most ignored locations. 

Set up and delivered medicine in war zones such as the Syrian border, and Iraq. 

Author of "The Weiss Method", a best selling book on reversing heart disease. 

Presented new research at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

Presented original research at Oxford's College for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict

Dr. Weiss has lectured to physicians, P.A.'s, Nurses, chiropractors, and other practitioners at such prestigious groups as AANP, AANMC, AARMIFM, ICFMHN, AMSA, an more.

*And he is just getting started........

The First Integrative Cardiologist: About
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